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Proposals for a new employment building at the ‘Wakefield Hub’ at Junction 30, M62 (former Newmarket Colliery)

Welcome to our website. We have ambitious plans to deliver a new employment building as part of the Wakefield Hub site, on allocated employment land north of Newmarket Lane, at Junction 30 of the M62. The scheme would deliver significant benefits for the area including new job opportunities and investment in the wider local economy.

Please take a moment to view our proposals, find out more about our scheme and provide feedback. Once the planning application is submitted to Wakefield Council, the Council will also consult locally. Comments received now, and by Wakefield Council in due course, will help to inform the planning process.


Mountpark is a leading developer of high-quality logistics and industrial property, working with customers across the UK and Europe. The Mountpark team has a long track record in delivering a range of distribution and logistics developments and, in association Newmarket Lane Limited, is now preparing to submit proposals for a new employment development to Wakefield Council. This is an exciting opportunity to deliver a major investment, including the creation of significant employment.

Our proposals are for an approximately 186,000 sqm employment building which would deliver the following:

  • In excess of 1,000 jobs created during the operation of the development. Additional jobs will also be created during the construction process;
  • New access arrangements from the existing estate link road to the south of the proposed building;
  • Comprehensive landscaping scheme which includes structural planting and earthworks;
  • Management of surface water run-off in accordance with sustainable drainage principles; 
  • Alterations to the layout of Newmarket Lane with retained local access, and diversion of public footpath no. 35 which crosses south over the motorway towards Newmarket Lane; and
  • Part of the proposed western access road is on the edge of the Green Belt.
You can download various documents associated with the proposals by clicking the links below:


The site is an ideal location for a logistics development, with excellent connections to key strategic transport links, being close to J30 of the M62 and J42 of the M1.

The majority of the site is allocated for employment development in the adopted Wakefield Local Plan. The Local Plan (at Policy ES10) identifies the wider Newmarket Colliery site for 51 hectares of wholesale and freight distribution employment uses (B8), which are required to help the Council meet its growth aspirations to 2026.

The success of a nearby employment development demonstrates the potential of this site to support further employment opportunities and investment in the local economy.


The site would be accessed via the existing estate link road which connects from Aberford Road (A642) and will be extended eastwards towards Newmarket Lane. The plans include provisions to encourage more sustainable modes of transport amongst employees through measures including new or improved links for cycling and walking. These new links would also deliver wider benefits to the local area.

The planning application will be accompanied by a comprehensive Transport Assessment that will assess any impact that the proposals would have on the local road network.

The Transport Assessment considers the existing traffic flows along the local highway network, the anticipated levels of traffic generated by the plans and any measures that will be needed to ensure that the development does not have an unacceptable impact on the local highway network. This document will be publicly available upon submission of the planning application.  

However, as part of an allocated employment site, and in the context of the road improvements already made, no significant adverse traffic impacts are anticipated.


The application will include an Environmental Impact Assessment presented in an Environmental Statement (ES).  The ES will include a range of detailed assessments of the likely impacts of the proposals, including factors such as Noise, Traffic and Transport, Lighting, Ecology and Trees and Archaeology.

The ES will include a flood risk assessment and drainage strategy. The management of surface water run-off will be in accordance with sustainable drainage principles, which will help to prevent any increased risk of flooding off-site. 

New attenuation (storage) features will form part of this strategy which will ensure that any water runoff is stored and released into the water network in a controlled way, no greater than it would be were the site still undeveloped (i.e. at greenfield rates). We will mitigate the environmental impacts of the development through a range of measures, including extensive landscaping and biodiversity measures, which will mitigate impacts on local wildlife and habitats. This will include retained and new planting within the site, and on the site boundaries.

The ES will also include a noise assessment and mitigation measures, if required, to minimise and mitigate any likely noise impacts from the proposed development on nearby communities and properties.

The Transport Assessment referred to above will also form part of the ES.


The site is located north of Newmarket Lane, east of Junction 30 of the M62 in Wakefield.

Mountpark, in association with Newmarket Lane Limited, is bringing forward proposals for an approximately 186,000 sqm employment development, which forms part of wider employment development at the ‘Wakefield Hub’ site on the former Newmarket Colliery site. The storage and distribution unit will create a range of employment opportunities for local people.

Yes, the majority of the site has been identified for employment development in the Wakefield Local Plan. The allocation has been carried forward from the Site Specific Policies Local Plan (2012). The Local Plan (at Policy ES10) identifies the wider Newmarket Colliery site for 51 hectares of wholesale and freight distribution employment uses (B8).  It also notes that: “this site is located in an area where there is a key policy objective to provide employment, apprenticeship and skills development opportunities for local residents.”

Part of the western access road from the estate link road is outside the allocation and in the Green Belt.

At this early stage in the process, it is difficult to say exactly how many jobs will be delivered. However, a development of this scale will create in excess of 1,000 jobs in a range of roles from operational warehouse-based roles, through to numerous office based and management positions. Additional jobs will also be created during the construction process. 

Mountpark is committed to engaging with residents and stakeholders about our plans to raise awareness of the application prior to it being submitted. Once the application has been submitted, Wakefield Council will also consult on the proposals.

There are a number of ways that you can have a say on our proposals, such as completing an online feedback form or calling the community information line on 0333 358 0502 (Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:30pm). You can also email us at:


Hard copies of materials are available upon request. If you would like hard copies, please contact the team by telephone or email using the details above.


Mountpark is raising awareness of the proposals by undertaking a public engagement process on the planning application. Our public engagement process ran until Friday 28th August. It is anticipated that a planning application will be submitted shortly thereafter.  

Once the planning application has been submitted and validated, Wakefield Council will undertake a public consultation on the proposals. Comments and issues raised both to Mountpark in advance of the application, and to Wakefield Council after submission of the application, will be used to inform the discussions between Mountpark and the Council.


Our public engagement process ran until Friday 28th August 2020. If you would like to get in touch with a member of the team, you can do so in the following ways: 

Calling – 0333 358 0502 (Monday to Friday – 9:00am to 5:30pm)

Emailing us at


On 25th August, two online engagement events were held to provide residents with an opportunity to submit questions to the team. To view a summary of the topics discussed please click here

Community Information Line: 0333 358 0502 (weekdays, 9:00am – 5:30pm)

Email: wakefieldhubproposals@havingyoursay.co.uk